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Warranty Provisions

I. Warranty conditions

  • Products are still in the warranty period. The warranty period is specified as follows:
Camera Two-year.
Recorder Two-year.
Accessories One-year.
Video Door Phone Two-year.
Smart Lock Two-year.
  • Product damage due to manufacturer error.
  • The product does not fall under the warranty disclaimer.
  • The product is only warranted in the same country of sale

II. Cases not covered by warranty:

  • Expired warranty
  • Serial numbers and barcodes on products are blurred or torn
  • Product damage caused by natural disasters, floods, lightning strikes, fires, insect invasion, falls, bumps.
  • Improper installation of equipment that causes chipping, chipping, bending, dents, scratches, cracks, breaks …
  • Products are changed and repaired by users.
  • Consumable accessories during use such as batteries, fans …

III. Warranty method and product innovation.

1. Warranty method.

  • The warranty period of products is from 2 to 5 days from the date of receipt (exclude holidays and weekend of this country) and depending on the circumstances, it may be resolved sooner or later.
  • If the warranty product has been discontinued or discontinued, customers will be exchanged for another product of equal or higher value, with products higher than the customer must pay as agreed and in accordance with current prices in the market.

2. Warranty location.

  • The product is only warranted in the same country of sale

Purpose: This document refers to the warranty policies for products purchased by official distributors of KBVISION Group International LLC and sent to the service centers of distributors in each country to repair.

Amending this Policy: KBVISION Group International LLC may choose to amend the Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time, without notice.